Guide to Choosing a Good Pregnancy Bed Pillow



The importance of buying a good pregnancy bed pillow can never be stressed out enough. It is one thing that really helps pregnant women get their good night sleep and good spinal health that is often not the case as a result of the back pain. By choosing a good one, it could tremendously help avoid or ease up the posterior pelvic and lower lumbar pain. To ensure you always get the right one, here is a guide to choose a good pregnancy bed pillow.


The pregnancy pillow fill material


The material put into the pillow often determines how comfortable or effective it will be, it is therefore important you choose a pillow from this website with the right fill. The most commonly recommended fill materials are polyester, memory foam and feather materials. Each one of them comes with its pros and cons. For example polyester fills tend to be cheaper, light in weight and are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The memory foam is good for heavy duty usage but can slightly be heavy.


The size and weight


A good pregnancy bed pillow should be of the right size such that it can provide complete support from head to toe. Should you choose one that is too small it may not be effective in supporting the body while one that is too big might allow the body to sink way deeper and thus through padding be overwhelmed. A too small pillow may be very tight and overwhelmed while in a very large one your small body may sink too deep and overwhelmed by padding.


It is equally important to be considerate of the weight of the pillow as you will have to move it around or adjust it to different positions for comfort. Remember during pregnancy one is expected to preserve much of their energy and having to carry or move around heavy pregnancy bed pillow can prove to be difficult or have negative impacts on the pregnancy.  You can also learn more about good pregnancy bed pillows by checking out the post at


Choose a pillow with a cotton cover


100% cotton covers for your pregnancy pillow are the best even though it may be hard to find those that are completely made of organic cotton. While it will be hard to get the completely cotton cover since most are mixed with different, choose on with higher cotton content. The advantage here is that with the cotton covers are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions as the material is organic and hypoallergenic.


For hygienic purposes the covers should also be washable or replaceable, they should preferable be zipped.


The wedge pillow and the full body one are typical examples of pregnancy pillows you can be able to find in the market. Each has their own pros and cons and you therefore need to be considerate of which one you buy. All in all always strive to get the best pillow. For further facts, click here.


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